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Bebitza is Australian owned and operated company that started in 2006 through the excitement to share an amazing breastfeeding concept; a shawl-inspired cover that is beautifully designed for complete privacy. Having since pioneered the nursing cover category in Australia, we continue to bring this excitement and joy with us today, to share with mums around the world new products that simplify and celebrate the motherhood journey. 

Simply Beautiful Essentials

Motherhood is a blessing and with each blessing there is a story behind that journey. At Bebitza, we believe in bringing out the joy in that journey by creating a positive and less complicated version of motherhood.

This means less clutter, less fuss and having more great moments. Where the very best concepts in maternity, breastfeeding and baby care are each thoughtfully developed with mum and baby in mind to create safe products that blends innovation, functionality and aesthetics.

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Meet the Mum Behind Bebitza

Dear Mums,

Welcome to the Bebitza family. I’m a proud mum of three gorgeous children and a wonderful husband. I feel blessed and I love being a mum. My motherhood journey has been coloured with many wonderful times mixed with personal challenges. Bebitza was born and grew through these experiences and is still being written today. I have become aware of how quickly time passes and that each day is so precious. With this in mind, my vision for Bebitza is to walk alongside, encourage, excite and inspire you and your family so you can have more time enjoying, bonding and creating memories with your little ones.


Bree Tinecheff