Velcro Baby Swaddle

Velcro Baby Swaddle Blanket Wrap

If you are looking for the perfect products for swaddling a newborn baby, you have come to the right place. At Bebitza, we sell a wide range of baby swaddle blankets and wraps and our velcro baby swaddle blankets are absolutely revolutionary.

These blankets have a slightly different design than your usual baby wrap. Instead of being a simple open blanket, these blankets have a swaddle blanket top with pants on the bottom. Read More

Why You Need A Velcro Baby Swaddle

Why are these blankets so great, you may ask Well, it is because your little one can enjoy much more freedom to move as well as all the comforts and benefits that normal swaddling provide. Our velcro baby wraps offer baby the best of everything and they look so cute because they are available in various colours and gorgeous print varieties.

Why a Velcro Baby Swaddle Blanket is an Absolute Must Have

Our velcro swaddle blankets offer babies plenty of great benefits such as the following;

Stylish look - These swaddle blankets look so cute! The entire range is beautiful with sweet designs that will make your little one look picture perfect at any given moment of the day.

Velcro wings for swaddling - The velcro wings on these blankets allows mommy to firmly wrap baby so he or she won’t startle. The comfortable and snug fit of the wrap also mimics the feeling of your womb so your baby can feel safe and get better sleep. The wrap also prevents startle reflexes, which helps to decrease the chances of broken sleep.

Free leg movement - Your baby can grow healthy and strong leg muscles because leg movement is not restricted. They are perfect for kicking!

Prevents hip-dysplasia - The baby wrap allows your little one to have their legs in any comfortable way including the natural frog leg position that most babies love to sleep in. This natural position is very healthy for their leg growth and can also prevent hip-dysplasia.

Help prevent SIDS - Swaddle blankets and the velcro swaddle top of these blankets reduces SIDS because it helps to prevent blanket pulling and body rolling.

More comfortable car rides - Normal baby swaddles and any other baby blankets are difficult to manage when you are strapping your little one into a car seat. These wraps allow you to securely buckle your baby into a car seat for better safety and comfort.

Buy a Velcro Baby Wrap Online

Whether you want to get one of these amazing blankets for your own baby or you want to give a mom-to-be a special and very helpful gift, we recommend buying online from our shop today.

Bebitza delivers across Australia and if you buy products over the value of $50, we will get the package delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

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