Tight Baby Swaddle

Tight Baby Swaddle

Across Australia, and indeed worldwide, baby swaddling is a practice that more and more newborn parents are adopting. Every parent’s aim is to keep their baby as comfortable and happy as possible, even when they are sleeping. That’s where the practice of baby swaddling comes in. Read More

Practicing Baby Swaddling With Your Newborn

By cocooning your baby in a swaddle, you recreate the nurturing environment of the womb, which delivers so many benefits in comforting, soothing and helping baby to sleep. However, the critical element to swaddling is to use a proper, special purpose baby swaddle. Using a rug or standard blanket to swaddle can lead to baby overheating, which negates the potential benefits of the practice.

Keeping baby at the right temperature is ever so important. Even under a baby swaddle wrap, it’s important to dress baby in a singlet and nappy in warm climates and in a lightweight jumpsuit when temperatures turn cool, to ensure they stay at the best temperature for them to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Why Swaddle Your Baby?

The benefits of swaddling your newborn baby are amazing. Studies and parents have proven the following great benefits, among many others:

  • A Soothing and Calming Effect

By recreating the womb environment, swaddled babies are much calmer and soothed, with the tight snug fit ensuring to prevent their startle reflex from frightening them into an awakened state during the night. Studies have shown that swaddled babies enjoy a much longer and better quality night’s sleep as a result.

  • Reducing the Likelihood of SIDS

By decreasing the likelihood of your little one rolling into their stomach during the night or accidentally covering their head and face with a blanket, studies have shown that swaddle blankets can help to reduce the likelihood of SIDS among young babies.

  • Developing Motor Skills

Most of baby’s movements in their early months are actually involuntary. By restricting movement, a breathable baby swaddle encourages baby to actively think about and practice their movements, aiding motor skill development.

Introducing the BeSwaddle from Bebitza

Here at Bebitza, we are delighted to offer our own designed breathable yet tight baby swaddle – the BeSwaddle. Made from a soft stretch knit fabric, it keeps baby tight and snug and is suitable for little ones up to 4 months of age. The BeSwaddle and prevents their startle reflex without completely restricting their movement. It is cleverly designed with a swaddle on top to keep baby secure and with pants on the bottom to prevent hip dysplasia. The bottoms also ensure that the BeSwaddle allows baby to swaddled in a pram, swing, car seat and more.

The feedback from Bebitza customers for the BeSwaddle has been fantastic. Mums across Australia and beyond have praised our baby swaddle blanket for helping their newborns enjoy a better quality of sleep and crying less. If you are looking to buy tight baby swaddle blankets, make the BeSwaddle range your first port of call. We have lots of beautiful colours and patterns to choose from and you can enjoy free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $50.

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