Summer Baby Wrap

Best Summer Baby Wrap Carrier

Every season has its challenges when it comes to caring for little ones and summertime is no different. You may think that taking care of your baby will be easier during the hot weather since he/she doesn’t need as many layers of clothing or bedding but keeping a tiny baby cool during these hot months can be just as challenging. Read More

Your Baby Will Love Our Summer Baby Wrap

Small babies are not great at regulating their own body temperature. That is why they become so cold when it is chilly outside and feel so hot when it is warm. Your little one can easily overheat or get heat rash when it is hot and their skin is just too delicate to stand harsh UV rays.

It can be quite challenging to find suitable clothing and bedding to swaddle your little one during hot summers.

Swaddling has many physical and emotional benefits for both babies and parents and it is entirely possible to swaddle your baby even when it is hot when you use a summer baby wrap from Bebitza.

Why Bebitza has best Baby Wraps For Summer

Our cool baby wraps for summer is a great investment because of the natural characteristics of this jersey fabric. Here are a few reasons these fabrics are excellent for swaddling during summer;

The science of jersey fabrics - Jersey fabrics have natural insulating abilities. The insulating effect of these fabrics also keeps your little one’s body temperature low even if it is hot outside. These fabrics also absorb moisture from the skin and draw the moisture outward where it dries off so your baby will stay dry and skin rash free in the jersey baby wrap.

Antibacterial ability - These bamboo baby wraps have an antibacterial quality that prohibits bacterial growth.

Easy to clean - You can wash these wraps with ease and they will also dry off quickly.

Thin fabric - The fabric we use to make our summer wraps is very thin and breathable yet durable, which makes it a firm favourite with new mums.

Freedom to move - Our wraps are designed for swaddling to keep your baby from being startled and jerking awake but the stretch capabilities of these wraps still allow for comfortable movement.

Baby safe product - These wraps are non-toxic and are formaldehyde-free which makes it safe for delicate skin and suitable for all skin types.

Protection from the harsh sun - These baby wraps offer great protection from the sun since they can be used as a swaddle or they can be used over your baby’s crib or car seat to shield him or her from those dangerous UV rays.

Makes carrying easy - It is hard to carry around a tiny fragile human. Our summer baby wrap carriers will give you the confidence and support you need to carry your baby with ease.

Buy the Best Baby Carrier for Summer Online

Buy one of our cool baby wraps for summer and you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Bebitza deliver across Australia and offer free delivery for orders that exceed $50.

We have a wide range of summer baby swaddles to choose from in different colours and our swaddles also come in various gift sets that any new mom or mom-to-be would love to receive.

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