Jersey baby wraps

Stretch Jersey Knit Baby Wraps Australia

Caring for newborns and tiny babies is quite challenging. As you learn more about the best ways to care for babies you will come across one very popular topic, and that’s swaddling or wrapping.

When you swaddle a baby you wrap them tightly in a blanket for warmth and security. Swaddling may seem uncomfortable to mommy because the idea of getting tied up isn’t very appealing for us but, for your little one, it is actually very comforting. Read More

This is because babies are tightly held in the womb with your body applying pressure to keep them feeling warm and snug. When they arrive in the big and open world they feel exposed and vulnerable. That is why babies jerk and get startled into crying when they are little. They are not used to all that freedom just yet and it feels like they are suddenly falling.

Why Every Baby Needs a Jersey Knit Baby Wrap

A baby swaddle makes your baby feel safe and secure and will make a huge difference in the quality of sleep your little one enjoys. But these stretch jersey baby wraps offer a lot more benefits than just comfort. Here are a few other benefits your baby can enjoy from being wrapped in a soft and snug baby swaddle;

Move with ease - Our bamboo jersey fabric wraps allows you to swaddle your baby securely and yet still allows your little one to move comfortably thanks to the natural stretch capabilities of these fabrics.

Reduced chances of SIDS - Swaddling prevents babies from covering their heads and faces with bedding and prevents them from flipping over onto their stomachs, which could lead to SIDS.

Soothes your baby - Swaddling is great for soothing a crying baby because they feel a lot more comfortable, warm and cosy.

Promotes sleep - Getting newborns to sleep, sleep training them and getting them to stay asleep can be quite challenging when your baby is still small. Swaddles allow them to feel like they are still in the womb, which promotes sleep continuity.

Improves neuromuscular development - Most arm and hand movements from newborns are involuntary since their muscles are still undeveloped. Immobilising their arms helps them develop better motor skills and the method is especially beneficial for premature babies.

Our Baby Jersey Wraps Are 100% Safe for Babies In Australia

It is never a good idea to expose your newborn to all sorts of toxins in fabric dyes, washing powders and detergents.

Bebtiza’s jersey knit baby wraps are so safe because we use fabrics with natural antibacterial qualities of bamboo that keeps these fabrics fresh and prevents odours by prohibiting bacterial growth. The antibacterial characteristics of these fabrics will stay in your wrap for a long time because these qualities are wash resistant.

Our stretchy baby wraps are also safe for the following reasons;

  • Our fabrics are tested according to SASO standards and have colour fastness and formaldehyde levels below 5% which makes them perfectly safe for baby use
  • These fabrics are toxic free
  • Our wraps are suitable for all skin types
  • Natural antibacterial properties from bamboo keep your baby safe from germs
  • Our wraps are easy to wash and to keep clean

Buy Jersey Baby Wraps Online

At Bebitza we make it easy for moms to get their hands on high quality, practical, durable and baby safe products. We also deliver across Australia and offer free shipping for orders over $50.

You can shop any of our baby wraps or baby wrap double packs directly from our website and we will get these items delivered to your doorstep so you and your baby can enjoy all of the benefits that come with using a jersey wrap baby carrier.

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