Maternity Nursing Cover

Maternity Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful act between mother and baby, presenting such a precious time to bond as mum nourishes baby. For mums who breastfeed their little ones, the act itself however can prove challenging when they need to feed baby in public or while in company. Read More

Australia’s Best Loved Maternity Nursing Cover Brand

Breastfeeding can prove particularly challenging in such instances for new mothers, who are steadily learning and embracing their new journey of motherhood and are getting used to breastfeeding for the first time. When baby needs a feed, baby needs a feed. However, that shouldn’t mums feel compromised on their privacy and comfort as well as baby’s safety when called upon to breastfeed in public.

This is why mums worldwide have whole heartedly embraced the beautiful creation that is, the maternity nursing cover. With maternity nursing covers, mums need never feel self-conscious about breastfeeding. Instead, they can conveniently block out the world while comfortably breastfeeding baby under a nursing cape, no matter when or where the need arises.

Bebitza – The Go-To Brand For Maternity Nursing Covers

Here at Bebitza, our brand was born to bring the beautiful breastfeeding concept of maternity nursing covers to Australia. We are committed to providing truly the very best concepts in maternity, breastfeeding and young baby care. Our product range has grown and grown and today, we are proud to offer an extensive range of nursing covers and breastfeeding blankets, in a variety of colours and styles, with something to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

Our range of maternity nursing covers includes:

Cotton Nursing Covers

Comfortable and breathable, our 100% cotton nursing covers are ever so popular, proving incredibly lightweight and getting softer with every wash. They conceal all areas comfortably with a secure fastener to baby can be safe and secure.

Bamboo Nursing Covers

Lightweight, ultra-soft and with natural antibacterial properties, bamboo makes for the perfect material for maternity nursing covers. Our bamboo nursing covers are wash resistant, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and suitable for all skin types.

Knitted Nursing Covers

Stay snug even when temperatures turn cool or breastfeeding in an air conditioned environment with our knitted nursing covers.

Antibacterial UV Nursing Covers

Ensure hygienic and UV protection with our antibacterial UV nursing covers. Made from SPF50+ fabric, you can protect your and baby’s delicate skin from the sun while the antibacterial properties prevent odours and bacteria build up.

Modal Nursing Covers

Ideal for warm climates, Bebitza’s modal nursing covers are lightweight yet offer a high quality material. This range offers some ultra-stylish designs proving that maternity wear can be both comfortable and chic.

Shop Online with Bebitza

Here at Bebitza, our mission is to ensure it is easy for mums anywhere in Australia to buy maternity nursing cover products without leaving their home. With a great range of styles and colours to choose from and free shipping Australia wide on orders over $50, accessing the best in maternity nursing covers could not be easier.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our other collections too. From baby wraps and mittens to baby swaddles and ice/hot bags, bamboo towel squares and more, there are lots more products for you to browse on the Bebitza online store.

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