Lightweight Baby Wrap

Lightweight Breathable Baby Wrap Carrier

One of the best things you can do for a newborn or preemie baby is to swaddle them when it is time to take a nap. Swaddling mimics the feeling of being inside the womb and new babies find a lot of comfort in that.

Swaddling also offers plenty of other great benefits for mammy and baby. These blankets reduce crying by up to 28%, can promote better sleep, reduces anxiety and naturally soothes your baby without the use of pillows, bumpers, blankets or stuffed animals. Read More

Are you looking for a lightweight baby wrap?

One of the biggest benefits of swaddling is that it reduces the chances of SIDS in newborns.

The best baby girl wrap you can possibly get is a lightweight baby wrap and, at Bebitza, we sell the finest quality baby wraps that are perfect for all weather conditions and all of our designs are 100% baby safe.

The Benefits of Our Lightweight Baby Wrap Carriers

Our lightweight breathable baby wraps are specifically designed for tiny babies and they come with the following benefits;

Made of fine quality materials - Our bamboo baby wraps are made of amazing quality bamboo fabrics that have lots of beneficial natural properties.

Soft and gentle fabric - Our fabrics are very soft to touch and will certainly be gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

Light breathable fabric - Our wraps are very thin yet strong and the fabric is incredibly breathable. This makes them perfectly suitable for summer use as well as functional for layering during winter.

Antibacterial qualities - The bamboo fabrics naturally have antibacterial qualities that cannot be washed out. These qualities prevent bacterial growth and offer enhanced protection from infections.

Your baby can move with ease - The stretch capabilities of the fabric allows mom to firmly swaddle her little one without restricting movement.

Many uses - Our baby swaddle blankets offer great functionality because mom can use them for lots of different purposes. They are great for swaddling, practical for shading the pram and they are the perfect soother blanket to keep your baby content well into toddler stage.

Buy the Best Swaddle Blankets Online

You can buy the best Bebitza swaddle blankets online. We offer a wide range of colours and types so take some time to browse the options that are available.

We also offer gift packs that are the ideal gift for expectant moms.

Bebitza delivers across Australia and can deliver your baby wrap to your doorstep in no time at all. We also offer free delivery services for orders exceeding $50.

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