Full Coverage Nursing Cover

The journey of parenthood is an incredibly special one everything from the pregnancy to the birth and then the first few months of care is completely new and exciting. Even parents that have more than one child will tell you that each time is different; every child comes with its own personality, set of rules, quirks and preferences.

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Full Coverage Maternity Nursing Covers 

While being a parent is unbelievably rewarding - it can also be straight up challenging and most of all exhausting. Bebitza was born out of the love for children and the experience that comes with having had children before and knowing exactly what it was that would’ve been a huge help if it had been available.

Our wish at Bebitza is to make the wonderful experience of parenthood simpler and more relaxed for all parents - whether is their first or third child. We consider all of our wonderful products essential items for parents.

Probably one of our favourite and most popular products is our oversized nursing cover that gives moms the privacy that they crave. If it were up to us, there wouldn’t be any need for nursing covers; every woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding wherever they would like without having to worry, but the fact of the matter is that many mums still feel intimidated and stared at when they breastfeed, and this is stressful not just for them but for their babies too.

Why do mums love our full coverage nursing covers?

Privacy: The obvious first point is that it offers privacy when breastfeeding in public. We want mums to be able to happily and confidently breastfeed on the go, and that’s just what our maternity nursing covers have been designed to do.

Versatility: The wonderful thing about our full coverage nursing covers is that they are so much more than that! They have a myriad of uses other than breastfeeding and can be used as a pram cover, a shawl, a scarf or even a cardigan.

Fashion: Not many mums feel at their best after they’ve given birth and it can be a time of discomfort and feeling a little frumpy and not sexy at all. That’s why we wanted our oversized nursing covers to not just do their job, but to make mums look great while they are there. Our covers come in a variety of patterns and colours to ensure each mum finds something that suits their style.

Seasonal: Mums don’t always breastfeed in optimal temperatures, and that’s why we offer a range of different textiles in our nursing cover range. We have textured knit maternity nursing covers for the colder months or air-conditioned rooms, modal nursing jerseys for warmer days and100% cotton jerseys that are light and breathable for hot weather that might make baby and mum uncomfortable.

If you’d like to know more about our maternity nursing covers, or simply want to get more information about our range of essential baby products then enjoy browsing through our online store. Feel free to pop over to our Contact Us page and get hold of us if you need anything at all. We can’t wait to start your wonderful journey of parenthood with you.

Bebitza are an Australian owned and operated company specialising in breastfeeding covers, fashionable nursing covers, full coverage nursing covers & baby swaddles. Contact us for more information on any of our baby products.

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