Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack
Bebitza $75 Gift Pack

Bebitza $75 Gift Pack

Regular price $89.90 AUD Sale price $75.00 AUD

This pack includes:

  • 1x Modal Nursing Cover - Cobalt Blue
  • 1x BeSwaddle - Cloud

Modal Nursing Cover

Bebitza’s modal nursing cover is one of the most breathable nursing covers available, keeping mum & baby fresh and cool even in warmer climates. Made from quality modal, it is lightweight and delicately soft while being resistant to shrinkage and fading.
Beautifully designed for complete privacy, its versatile fitting drapes elegantly around the body. Allowing mums of all sizes to fully conceal the chest, stomach and back areas comfortably. Bebitza’s nursing covers feature a patented secure fastener so eye contact with baby can be maintained during nursing even while adjusting the cover.
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Resistant to shrinkage & fading
  • Secure fastener
  • Covers chest, stomach & back areas
  • Allows for eye contact with baby while feeding
  • Allows for twin feeding
Use it also for:
  • Pram cover / Sun shade;
  • Baby Comforter;
  • Cardigan / Poncho;
  • Scarf


A good night's sleep can sometimes be hard to come by.
That's why we have created the BeSwaddle™, a soft stretch knit swaddle that allows baby to move naturally while remaining nicely snugged, creating that familiar soothing feeling of being in the womb.
It features secure wings to help keep even the most elusive little one at bay, preventing startle reflexes and giving baby a better & longer sleep cycle. The unique design also allows baby's legs to be freely positioned to help prevent hip-dysplasia.
Now, baby can also be swaddled comfortably in swings, strollers and more!
One Size - Up to 6kg (0-4 months)
CAUTION: DO NOT swaddle baby's arms in car seats.

Note: Colours can be changed upon request. To request, please leave a comment at checkout. If no comment is given, the default colour will be given.

Bebitza's Nursing Covers have won the following awards:

Product of The Year Award 2019 from Baby Maternity Magazine   2019 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine

Bebitza's BeSwaddle have won the following awards:

 Bebitza's BeSwaddle is a Mom's Choice Award Gold Award Recepient   2019 Top Choice Awards - Baby Maternity Magazine -    2019 Product of the year award - Creative Child Magazine -