Breathable Baby Swaddle

Breathable Baby Swaddle Blanket

If you are a mother to a newborn baby or expecting a little one soon, you may be considering swaddling. Many parents like to swaddle their baby in the early months to help increase their comfort as you are effectively recreating the cosy space they enjoyed while growing in the womb. From birth up until 4 to months, or until baby can roll over, swaddling can help baby stay calm and snug. Read More

Swaddling Your Little One With A Breathable Baby Swaddle Blanket

The best way to swaddle your baby is to use a special purpose breathable baby swaddle. Keeping baby snug but yet preventing them from overheating is a critical element of swaddling. That’s why it is advised to use a breathable baby swaddle blanket over a rug or standard blanket. In warm temperatures, mums can dress baby in a singlet and nappy underneath the swaddle to ensure they are comfortable. In cooler temperatures, a lightweight jumpsuit underneath the swaddle blanket will help them to stay appropriately warm.

When a newborn, you can swaddle your baby by wrapping them in the swaddle wrap with their arms folded across their chest. Once they reach about three months and their startle reflex has gone away, you can leave their arms unfolded so they can begin to teach themselves to self soothe in the swaddle.

The Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

There is an increasing trend in parents swaddling newborn babies as more and more benefits continue to come to the fore. Some of the most common benefits of swaddling include:

  • Reduce SIDS

Research has shown that having a tight baby swaddle reduces a baby’s ability to flip over on their stomach while sleeping or to cover their face and head with a blanket while sleeping, it is believed to reduce instances of SIDS.

  • Soothing Baby

The swaddle creates a cosy and calming sleeping environment for baby, which can help with soothing them, even when they awake during the night, as it recreates the familiar “safe” environment of the womb for them.

  • Developing Neuromuscular Skills

In restricting baby’s hand and feet movement, it can be easy to assume that this may restrict baby’s motor skills development. However, swaddling actually helps with the development of baby’s motor skills as they have to practice and think about how to move their limbs.

  • Better Quality Sleep

Studies have shown that swaddled babies wake less frequently and sleep for longer periods than babies who are not swaddled. In preventing them to randomly jerk or made involuntarily hand and feet movements, swaddled babies are less likely to startle and awake themselves from their sleep.

Bebitza – Your Online Store For Beautiful Breathable Baby Swaddles

To help you embrace the practice of swaddling your baby, Bebitza offers a selection of different coloured and patterned breathable baby swaddles. Our BeSwaddle soft stretch knit baby swaddle allows movement while maintaining the cocoon environment of the womb. It features a secured winged swaddle on the top to help baby sleep soundly and securely while the pants on the bottom prevent hip dysplasia and ensure the swaddle can be used even in car seats, swings, strollers and prams.

The BeSwaddle blankets from Bebitza are suitable for babies aged up to 4 months. We are so proud that they have received rave reviews from our customers, whose testimonials highlight the extended sleep their babies enjoy and the soothing and calming effect of the blanket.

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