Breastfeeding nursing cover

Baby Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Up Scarf

Bebitza was launched over a decade ago with the aim of providing fantastic products for new and expecting mothers and babies. Our Australian owned company has grown exponentially in recent years and one of our most popular products has been the breastfeeding nursing cover.

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A Breastfeeding Nursing Cover That Will Change The Way You Feed

There are so many amazing benefits that come with purchasing this affordable product which we are very proud of. Find out more below about it.

How Our Breastfeeding Nursing Cover Can Help Mothers

The biggest satisfaction we get here at Bebitza, is seeing the wonderful response to our products and the difference they make to our customers’ lives. A nursing breastfeeding cover scarf brings many benefits to women and this is what we strive for as a company.

One of the biggest benefits of using our products is that it allows them to have complete privacy when breastfeeding in public. It is not always an option to breastfeed behind closed doors when out and about with a crying baby, and this gives women the courage to do so in public without the glare and staring of others. This provides an amazing confidence for new mothers and allows them to easily get out and about and feed their child without having to worry.

Our breastfeeding wraps are also extremely popular as they are so multi-functional! When you have a new baby, it can be overwhelming the number of products that you have to buy and that start to crowd your home.

Opting for multi-functional products allows you to keep costs low, keep your home tidy and there is less to carry when on the move. Our maternity nursing covers can, of course, be used for breastfeeding, but they can also be used as a cardigan, scarf or a pram cover, making them the perfect design for any new mums.

Finally, our products are all very innovative and unique and what we pride ourselves on is selling products that really do help mothers and are not just simply a fad that will lay around gathering dust. When you purchase our products, you know that it is money well spent as they are products that will help in your day to day life and will receive much love and use.

Get Your Nursing Cover Today

At Bebitza, we provide free shopping for AU orders over $50 and all orders under this value will be shipped at a flat rate of $10, or $3.95 for our mittens. You will have your new baby breastfeeding cover in no time at all as our orders are shipped within three business days and sent via Australian post.

If you would like any more information regarding the range of breastfeeding nursing cover up products that we sell, or any other items on our site, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today who would be more than happy to answer any of your queries. We are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and our phone number is (+61) 1300 792 993.

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