Breastfeeding Nursing Cape

Breastfeeding Nursing Cape

At Bebitza, our vision is to encourage, excite and inspire you in your journey as a mother. Breastfeeding in public can be daunting for any new mother and our aim is to make this as easy as possible for you and give you the confidence to feed your baby anytime, anywhere. Read More

Buy The Bebitza Nursing Cape & Make Feeding Time Easier

Our nursing capes for breastfeeding are a sought after product that allow you to feed your baby on the go without having to worry about the thoughts of others! Check out below some more of our top tips below for breastfeeding in public.

Top Tips When Breastfeeding In Public with the Breastfeeding Cape

As a new mother, it is perfectly normal to not feel completely comfortable breastfeeding in public. If this sounds like you and the prospect makes you anxious, alongside our amazing capes you may want to try out these top tips below.

  • Our first top tip is to make sure that you know exactly what your rights are. It is not illegal to breastfeed in public and no one should try to prevent you from doing so. This includes disturbing you, asking you to move to another area, or asking you to cover up.
  • Secondly, we would recommend that you try practicing at home in front of a mirror. Many women become nervous that they are showing too much skin, but when you do this in front of a mirror you will see that this is not the case and not really an issue. A baby will cover most of you and you can even test out our breastfeeding nursing cover in the mirror first to see how fantastic they are at preserving your modesty.
  • Just like we mentioned before, our cape is one of the biggest tips we can give you for breastfeeding in public, along with wearing more comfortable clothes in general. Loose fitting t-shirts are great too as they can simply be lifted up and will still cover up most of you.
  • Finally, our last tip is to make sure that you are wearing an easy access bra. Lots of mums like stretchy sports bras as they are easy to pull down, while others prefer nursing bras. If you are going to be using a nursing bra, it is a good idea to practice undoing this with one hand first at home and then fastening it up again as this will give you the confidence you need to know you can manage doing this when out in public with your breastfeeding shawl.

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For over a decade, Bebitza has been giving mothers the confidence to breastfeed more comfortably in public with our amazing range of breastfeeding cape products. Our products are all uniquely designed to provide mothers with exactly what they need but in a stylish design that they will absolutely love.

For more information about our products, contact our helpful team by phone or send us an email and we will respond to you as quickly as we possibly can.

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