Breastfeeding Blanket

Breastfeeding Blanket Cover Australia

Breastfeeding is such a precious act between mother and baby, helping to develop a close bond as mum nourishes and nurtures bub. However, when baby is hungry and needs a feed, they simply need to be fed as soon as possible. For mothers, that can mean trying to soothingly breastfeed their baby while in a friend’s home, in company with guests, travelling on public transport or out and about the town running errands. Read More

Breastfeeding Blankets – Enjoy Comfort, Privacy and Convenience

Breastfeeding is such a natural act and one that every mother should be ever so comfortable in doing. When tasked with breastfeeding in public or in front of others, it can sometimes prove difficult – especially for first time mothers. Now, all your prayers have been answered, with the creation of the clever and comfortable breastfeeding blanket.

Mothers worldwide are embracing the breastfeeding blanket cover to enjoy a moment’s privacy and the convenience to comfortably breastfeed their little one, whenever, wherever. Also known as nursing covers, they have become an essential item for mothers of breastfeeding babies and make for an ideal gift.

Australia’s Leading Range of Breastfeeding Blanket Covers

If you are looking for the best breastfeeding blanket Australia wide, you have come to the right place. At Bebibtza, we are proud designers of Australia’s best loved breastfeeding blankets. We are proud to stock an extensive range of own brand nursing covers, with colours and styles to suit every taste and preference. Our range includes:

Cotton Breastfeeding Blankets

Our breathable cotton jersey breastfeeding blankets are every mum’s dream with an easy-adjust neckline, extra-soft materials and a great collection of stylish designs to choose from.

Bamboo Breastfeeding Blankets

Embrace the lightweight and delicately soft nature of bamboo materials with our fine quality bamboo breastfeeding blankets. These nursing covers offer the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo, helping to prevent odours and bacteria growth.

Textured Knit Breastfeeding Blankets

When temperatures turn cool, mums can turn to our stunning textured knit breastfeeding blankets to ensure snugly warmth for mum and baby when breastfeeding. These knitted breastfeeding blankets are also multi-functional, doubling up as a cardigan, baby comforter or pram cover.

Antibacterial UV Breastfeeding Blankets

Bebitza’s antibacterial blankets remove the need to buy specialist breastfeeding attire yet ensure comfort and privacy for mum and safety for baby. Made from SPF 50+ waffle fabric, they also provide essential UV protection.

Modal Nursing Covers

Made from quality modal material, our modal breastfeeding nursing covers are lightweight and delicately soft, making them ideal for wear in warm temperatures, keeping mum and baby nice and cool. This quality material is resistant to shrinkage and fading and drapes beautifully around mum’s body, ensuring both style and comfort.

Babitza – Your Online Store For Breastfeeding Blankets and Covers

Babitza was born to share the beautiful breastfeeding concept of nursing covers and blankets with Australia mums. We are pioneering nursing cover wear in Australia and are consistently introducing even more new products to help simplify motherhood.

Every customer receives free delivery to any address in Australia on orders over $50 too, ensuring mums Australia wide can conveniently purchase quality nursing and breastfeeding covers and blankets without leaving the home.

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