Breastfeeding Baby Wrap

Breastfeeding Baby Wrap

Are you looking for an easier and more convenient way to breastfeed your child? Then a breastfeeding wrap for babies could be the perfect solution.

At Bebitza, you can purchase a wrap for breastfeeding that will allow you to comfortably and discreetly feed your child whilst standing, sitting, or even walking. Find out below some of our top tips that we think you should know when you are learning to use a baby wrap for the first time. Read More

Top Tips When Learning To Use A Baby Wrap For Breastfeeding

  • Our first tip when learning to use a baby wrap is to actually establish a great breastfeeding relationship with your baby first, without the wrap. Trying to nurse straight away with a wrap can be an added stress that is not necessary when you and your baby have not yet established a workable routine yet. Give yourself some time to do this first and don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Our second tip is to learn to breastfeed in an upright position as this is much more convenient when using a wrap, rather than in the cradling position. Get used to this position first by laying your baby on your chest in the upright position. As you become more comfortable with this position, it will then be much easier to transition to a baby wrap.
  • Our third tip is to always make sure that your baby is able to move their head. This will make it easier for them to feed and for their own safety if their nostrils become covered. What’s great about wraps is that they will be able to provide your baby’s head with the support that it needs.
  • Lastly, when you are learning to breastfeed in a nursing cover, it is important that you maintain your patience. Don’t get frustrated if you do not succeed the first few times as this is just a phase and if you are persistent and keep trying it will eventually click. However, don’t keep trying all the time to the point where you are driving you and your baby crazy.

    Remember, a breastfeeding wrap is designed to make your life easier when breastfeeding with a baby, so don’t make things a lot harder for yourself when you already have so much to do and worry about with a new child.

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