Baby swaddle wrap

Best Baby Swaddle Wraps in Australia

If you are researching the best baby swaddle wraps, Bebitza have the solution you’ve been looking for. Ensuring baby has a great night’s sleep, every night, is imperative in their early months. That’s precisely what we have designed our BeSwaddle baby wraps to provide. Every inch of detail has been carefully considered to help aid newborn parents to ensure baby can sleep safely, securely and comfortably. Read More

The Bebitza BeSwaddle Wrap – The Best Way To Swaddle Baby

Our unique design features a swaddle on top to keep baby secure with pant bottoms on the lower half of the wrap to enable baby to be swaddled even if in a swing, pram, car seat or stroller. Made from a breathable soft knit stretch fabric, the BeSwaddle helps to keep even the most active little one calm and soothed, preventing their startle reflex so they can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Suitable for babies aged up to 4 months/kg, our BeSwaddle baby swaddle wrap has achieved outstanding praise from our customers worldwide. The many glowing testimonials highlight the BeSwaddle’s incredible ability to keep baby asleep for longer, prevent crying and overall ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep for both baby and parents.

Why Consider a Baby Swaddle Wrap?

Swaddling is a practice that has observed sharp growth rates in adoption across the globe. By creating a cocoon for baby similar to the womb, a swaddle hosts the ideal sleeping environment for baby. Central to the practice of swaddling is to ensure that you use a special purpose swaddle wrap blanket.

Keeping baby at the right temperature during the night is critical to the comfort of their sleep. That’s why using a rug or standard blanket is never advised. With a breathable baby swaddle, your baby can sleep comfortably in cool temperatures wearing a lightweight jumpsuit or in just a singlet and nappy when temperatures rise.

Numerous studies have been conducted which report a wide range of benefits for soothing and helping baby to enjoy a safe, secure sleep. These include:

  • Preventing SIDS

A swaddle blanket prevents the inadvertent movements of baby which result in them rolling onto their stomach or covering their head and face with a blanket while they sleep – actions which are key contributors to instances of SIDS.

  • Keeping Baby Asleep For Longer

Studies have proven and many parents will attest to a baby swaddle wrap’s ability to keep baby sleeping sounder for longer. By restricting their startle reflex, babies are less likely to suddenly awaken and cry during the night. Instead, they soothe into a longer, sounder sleep, which is beneficial to both baby and parents.

  • Motor Skill Development

Helping baby to develop their motor skills is a key priority for parents. While you may be concerned that a swaddle’s ability to restrict baby’s movement in turn restricts their motor skills, the reality is quite the opposite. By preventing inadvertent movements, a swaddle actually encourages baby to practice and learn how to move their limbs.

Bebitza – Helping You With Baby’s First Year of Life

At Bebitza, our mission is to provide you with a range of soothing baby products to help you develop a close bond with your baby during the early months and to help make motherhood that little bit easier, whether you are a first time mum or have already have children before.

From baby swaddles and cute baby mittens to breastfeed nursing covers and bamboo baby wraps, ice/hot bags to bamboo towel squares and more, there are lots of great products for you to browse. Remember – you get free shipping too to any address in Australia when you spend over $50 on your online order!

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