Baby Girl Swaddle

Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket Set

It isn’t easy to care for a tiny baby girl but, with the right products, you and your little one can be much more comfortable during this challenging stage.

At Bebizta we sell a wide range of high quality baby products and our baby swaddles are an absolute must-have for any newborn baby girl. Read More

Buy a Baby Girl Swaddle & Reap the Rewards

Swaddle blankets prevent your baby from jerking awake or startling whenever you pick her up. These blankets mimic the feeling of being inside the womb, which has so many benefits.

  • She will get much better sleep
  • Swaddle blankets reduces the chances of SIDS in newborns
  • Prevents anxiety
  • Naturally soothes your baby
  • Reduces crying by up to 28%

Why choose our baby girl swaddle blankets?

There are lots of breathable baby swaddle blankets available on the market but we believe that ours are the best for all of the following reasons;

  • Our blankets are non-toxic
  • Contain antibacterial qualities
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Easy to clean
  • The light fabric makes them perfect for all weather conditions
  • The stretch fabric allows your little one to move comfortably
  • The velcro top part of our swaddles gives your baby girl all the benefits of a normal swaddle blanket
  • The pant leg bottom allows for easy movement and promotes the natural position of baby’s legs during nap times, which prevents hip dysplasia
  • Available in beautiful colours and fun prints

A Variety of Baby Girl Swaddle Sets to Choose From

You can buy your baby girl swaddle blankets online from our site. Bebitza delivers across Australia and we also offer free delivery services for orders that exceed $50.

We have a wide variety of baby blankets to choose from including velcro swaddle blankets and baby wraps. These baby blankets are available in beautiful girly prints and colours that are sure to match your little one’s wardrobe and bedding perfectly.

We also sell swaddle sets or gift bundles including;

Twin baby swaddles - These are two pack baby blankets in different colours or single pack baby swaddles.

Bebitza gift packs – These gift packs consist of a combination of essential mommy and baby products. They vary from small to large and consist of items such as baby wraps, velcro baby swaddles, nursing covers, baby mittens, ice or hot packs and more in different product and colour combinations. Our baby gift packs are perfect starter packs for new moms and are also amazing gifts that any mom would love to receive at her baby shower.

Buy our products online and get these items delivered to your door anywhere in Australia or give our offices a call to find out more about our range of products.

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