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Bree: Bebitza's Founder

Q1.  TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOURSELF I’m a proud mum of three gorgeous children.  I love being a mum but I am certainly no stranger to the ups and downs of raising children.  Through my motherhood journey and with the birth of Bebitza  I have become aware of how quickly time passes and that each day is so precious. With this in mind, I aim to simplify the daily demands of motherhood so that more time can be spent enjoying, bonding and creating memories with my little ones. Q2.  HOW DID BEBITZA COME TO LIFE? Bebitza is an Australian owned and operated company that started in 2006 through the excitement to share an amazing breastfeeding concept; a shawl-inspired...

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Behind Bebitza

Why was Bebitza first created? Bebitza was first created through the excitement to share an amazing breastfeeding concept; a beautiful shawl like cover that would allow discreet nursing with a full view of baby by the mother for bonding and good attachment.  How did Bebitza first began?   Bebitza first began with a large thick wool winter wrap that was used to breastfeed discreetly during daily motherhood routine. A gorgeous friend offered to sew a light weight version, resembling our lovely textured pink knit. From this beginning and inspiring moment, design alterations were made to enhance functionality such as size, shape and materials used.   Soon after our Bebitza nursing cover was born. Why does Bebitza exist today?  Bebitza exists today...

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