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5 foolproof philosophies to raise children in a fast and ever-changing world (your most important jobs as a parent)

Parenting methods can be a sensitive topic. Most of us learn from how to parent from how our parents parent us. If we thought it was good, we would try to replicate a similar parenting. If it was bad, we would either try to do the opposite, or still try to replicate (some of us don’t know better). This was great pre-internet. As a millennial, it’s easy to feel the pressures of the whole world judging our parenting and it is so easy for us to compare our parenting methods with other parents too (thanks to the internet and everything it brought like social media).

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9 important questions about baby swaddles answered

Why do we swaddle? When do we swaddle? How do we swaddle? When we were developing the BeSwaddle, we did A LOT of research and dove into the who-what-when-where-why-s of swaddling. Along the way, we learned a thing or two about this. We needed to know the real purpose and mechanism of a good swaddle to make the perfect swaddle for you and your bub. We feel that it's one of those information passed down that we take for granted and rarely question why we even swaddle babies. So...

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My Breastfeeding Story: Bree Tinecheff

  I truly loved my experience breastfeeding, although it wasn’t all smooth sailing, I enjoyed it as one of the most beautiful and fulfilling maternal experiences possible.  Before I gave birth, I made a strong decision that I was going to breastfeed.  I thought this would happen pretty easily despite the fact that I didn’t do any research on the how to’s.  My new baby boy’s attachment wasn’t quite right in hospital which lead to a bit of damage and quite a bit of pain, my body was pretty sore in general after hospital.  After a week or two of healing, helped by some expressing, I was back on track.  Keeping up the supply of my own breast milk to...

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Is technology babysitting your child?

Today the digital era has grasped us into its world more than ever before, once you have purchased a smartphone or a digital device you are most likely to rely on it. Kids are being introduced to technology from entertainment all the way to educational features, we can be pro-occupied with it and sometimes use this to ‘baby-sit’ our children. As a busy mum, who hasn’t given their child the latest iphone or tablet while out running errands? Studies show there are negative effects which can impact the child’s wellbeing, in the form of interfering with sleep, mobile addiction, lack of social skills and mental health problems which may arise due to prolonged screen time. So what can a parent...

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