Why We Should Swaddle Infants

We’ve heard many reasons on why parents don’t swaddle their babies: “my baby pops out of the swaddles too easily”, “my baby cries when I swaddle them”, “my baby can’t self soothe with their hands in mouth”.  What we’ve noticed is that most concerns can be fixed with by figuring a way of swaddling that works for you and your baby. Here at Bebitza, we believe in swaddling our little ones. Let us share with you some of the reasons.

Improved Neuromuscular Development

Most newborns’ movements are involuntary. Swaddling somewhat stabilises their arm movements which may help the baby to organize their motor skills better. This may be helpful for premature babies.

Reduce SIDS

When done correctly (correct method and material used), swaddling your newborns will reduce the chance of a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When swaddled, the baby is less likely to be startled by their own sudden and involuntary movements. It is important to note that the correct material of swaddle is used (not too hot) and that the baby should be placed on their back to sleep.

Basis of Soothing

A good swaddle is the basis of soothing a baby. After the swaddle, you can add other additional methods of soothing such as rocking, humming or white noise.

Less Crying & Better Sleep

When your baby is swaddled, they are less likely to get startled by their own involuntary movements and in many cases feel like they are being hugged. This soothes them and in return there will be less crying from the baby. Additionally, baby may find it easier to fall asleep and have a longer sleeping cycle if you put your baby to sleep while swaddled.

So swaddling has many important benefits. However, please pay attention to a few things: lay your baby on their back (always, but especially when swaddled), leave enough room for your baby’s legs and hips to be free, ensure the correct material is used (do not let your baby overheat) and make sure your swaddle is as secure as possible. Usually, parents would swaddle their baby often from when their baby is a newborn to about 3 months old. Some parents may swaddle their baby even up to 6 or even 9 months. There is no right or wrong age to stop swaddling your baby. Pay attention to how your baby is responding to being swaddled and if they kick their swaddles off really fast (given the correct method is used) then maybe it’s time to stop swaddling.


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