Why is breastfeeding in public so controversial?

breastfeeding in public

It’s no secret that the topic of breastfeeding in public always causes a huge stir. It seems that half the world’s population is saying women must cover up when breastfeeding in public and the other half saying do not cover up.

While societal expectations, comfort, religious beliefs, cultural or family norms are some of the many reasons women choose to cover up, why are there such strong definitive views on privacy and breastfeeding in public? Bebitza's story began out of a need to breastfeed comfortably when our founder, Bree Tinecheff, had her first baby.  The sincerity and excitement in bringing our nursing covers to other mums continue to encourage us to keep sharing and develop the Bebitza brand.  

For mums who find using a cover to make breastfeeding more comfortable, we are super happy to share our Bebitza nursing covers. For mums who are comfortable to breastfeeding without a cover, we are super happy for you also.  It is important to enjoy nursing, being a mum and to celebrate the motherhood journey. This will always be our focus.  We want to encourage mums to remember the warmth of motherhood and the many blessings along the way.

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