The Key to Being With Your Family

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If I could improve on any area in my motherhood journey it would be: to be in the moment always and to give my family the time they need consistently. Now I know we as mums have a lot to juggle including home jobs like cooking and cleaning, errands, appointments etc. let alone if your a working mum... It’s not always smooth and our minds are very busy completing these tasks and scheduling our family’s commitments (both individual and collectively). Despite all this, I encourage myself to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind. I know this impacts what I do each day and to the best of my ability I try to stay focused.

It is so important to enjoy our family’s each stage of their development, particularly our children because they grow so fast. As they grow up, the time we spend in the moment with them encourages our children to stay close and accept our lead as parents, especially important during teenage years. It’s not always easy, I find that there are so many distractions and priorities that try to grab my focus... I really do need to work at it every day.

I try my best to be intentional, for example, to include my children in my leisure actives. Instead of going to the gym, I take my children for a bike ride. We take hot chocolates and chai lattes and we set off to a local pond in the morning before school. It is a pastime we really enjoy as well as great bonding between us, keeping my focus around my family rather than away from them. The first time we try new adventures, it can be a little stressful but each time we practice we have more fun together. Forward planning really helps with making this happen. Being intentional and being patience are key to experience the fruits of our families.

- Bree

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