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Why are we so hurt by assumptions?

Lately, I realise that assumptions are seen to be a negative thing in the world – like we shouldn’t assume things… While it’s sometimes true that we shouldn’t assume (like how we can’t just assume people are perfectly healthy because they appear to be so, or that people are of lower class because they don’t wear designer clothes, or that have perfect lives because that’s how it appears on their social media) we also need to understand why we make assumptions.

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5 foolproof philosophies to raise children in a fast and ever-changing world (your most important jobs as a parent)

Parenting methods can be a sensitive topic. Most of us learn from how to parent from how our parents parent us. If we thought it was good, we would try to replicate a similar parenting. If it was bad, we would either try to do the opposite, or still try to replicate (some of us don’t know better). This was great pre-internet. As a millennial, it’s easy to feel the pressures of the whole world judging our parenting and it is so easy for us to compare our parenting methods with other parents too (thanks to the internet and everything it brought like social media).

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