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Why are we so hurt by assumptions?

Lately, I realise that assumptions are seen to be a negative thing in the world – like we shouldn’t assume things… While it’s sometimes true that we shouldn’t assume (like how we can’t just assume people are perfectly healthy because they appear to be so, or that people are of lower class because they don’t wear designer clothes, or that have perfect lives because that’s how it appears on their social media) we also need to understand why we make assumptions.

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Is technology babysitting your child?

Today the digital era has grasped us into its world more than ever before, once you have purchased a smartphone or a digital device you are most likely to rely on it. Kids are being introduced to technology from entertainment all the way to educational features, we can be pro-occupied with it and sometimes use this to ‘baby-sit’ our children. As a busy mum, who hasn’t given their child the latest iphone or tablet while out running errands? Studies show there are negative effects which can impact the child’s wellbeing, in the form of interfering with sleep, mobile addiction, lack of social skills and mental health problems which may arise due to prolonged screen time. So what can a parent...

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