Quality Time is a Priority

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Coming into motherhood and as the years rolled on I realise the challenge of making quality time a priority with my family and yet how important it is.  I didn’t expect it to come so purposefully. I also didn’t realise how the demands of chores and commitments can take over and then one day you wake up and re-evaluate and realise how those beautiful babies are just hitting their teenage years…  

Being purposeful and investing into the family I wanted, became so very important.  When I evaluated how my family was going, and self-reflected on my motherhood journey, I wanted to be proud of my effort.  Now I see quality time is a deepening connection through spending time together and no matter which family member I spend it with it leaves me with a feeling of fulfilment, happiness and purpose.

Quality time is investing time into each other as a mum and a family and it can look like a family meeting for example or getting ice-creams together or going for a bike ride in the morning.  I often think about when my life is done, I know I am not going to wish I could have worked more and had a cleaner shiner home.  There are no short cuts in growing relationships. 

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So it takes effort to break habits… Being distracted a crucial mum time was significant for me.   Technology can be great for working on the go or even entertaining.  It is easy to lose time relaxing looking at recipes on Pinterest but it is important to make rules for yourself to prioritise family. Sometime we feel like we don’t have a lot of time when in fact, quality time isn’t a matter of time but a matter of priority and identifying where we can better our time.

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