Moments of peace and quiet

The busyness when growing a family can often make our thoughts the same - busy. This makes it really hard to have a headspace that is at peace and creative, so that we can flourish in our role as a mother. I love being able to be creative. Dress the house nicely or create a wonderful dinner with lots of different dishes to enjoy.  Keep trying for quiet time and teach our children how important this time is to our family and overall health and well-being.

Going to your local park or water pond or going to the beach for a walk are great spaces to become grounded and create peace. This may sound like a challenge with young children however it only takes a few practice runs to get it right and start feeling the benefits.
Quite spaces also don’t need to take a lot of time, even 15 minutes can fill our hearts with peace and joy. Just think a quick herbal tea out the front of your home in the sun while baby is a sleep. You could include a cute little toddler and talk to them about the weather on the day....

We have these gorgeous little couches that the kitchen overlooks in our house and they are the perfect size for snuggling and reading a book at the end of the night with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s one of our favourite things to do at the end of a day. Our routine is to have an early dinner and then finish cleaning the kitchen, hopefully most of it has already done in preparation for dinner, then we go on the couch after preparing our hot chocolate’s. Usually we have this time as a whole family to enjoy. It lasts about half and hour and we are able to discuss anything, particularly we talk about upcoming events we are looking forward to. 


Moments of Peace & Quiet

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