Its an honour to be a mum...

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When you hear this statement how does it make you feel?  Confused?... Sort of annoyed, like you understand it's an honour to be a mum, but it's a pretty tough job so why are people reminding you of this???
I invite you to look at it in this perspective, my perspective a mum of three that are now nearly all into teenage years.   Eldest being 15 and youngest being 12.  Looking back makes me smile and feel a little teary. I remember when my children were little, it seemed so physically challenging and super busy.
I remember how cute and small they were but I don’t think I truly stopped to be in the moment very often.  It felt so hard at times and like a part of who I was seemed to be missing, I pushed to try and find my old self but it just wasn't the same.
The total commitment and focus on my beautiful babies all the time seemed a bit disorientating.  Some days only doing so little and feeling worthless or unaccomplished.  Little did I know that I was in a season and this was all a part of having a family and totally normal.
Trying to describe my feelings at this time to write this blog to encourage other mums, that motherhood truly is the best gift imaginable, I came across the perfect concept and pivotal information to share; Matrescence.  Matrescence was coined in 1973 by Dana Raphael an anthropologist.  According to the Cambridge dictionary Matrescence is "Those physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child..."
I also loved this example: "...the development phase of new motherhood, is like adolescence - a transition when hormones surge, bodies change, and identity and relationships shift."
Now, I think I would have been a better mum if I'd realized what the emotions where and what was happening....  If only I knew then what I know now... but, really this is no longer important.
So yes it is an honour to be a mother and the very best job that you can do is just right, perfect in fact! I encourage you to focus inward to your families, embrace your motherhood role because what you receive in return is far greater than anything you give up and although it's at times very challenging, our families living fruitful and and functioning well is the greatest immeasurable rewards.
Our role in amongst this is key to success.

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