It's 2021. Women can have it all.

The year is 2021. A modern world where many women around the world have equal opportunity in whatever it is they do compared to men. Or so we thought. It can sometimes seem like the world is still highly unfair towards women and opportunities are not equal for lots of women.

Women may feel like they have no choice and/or no opportunity to do what they want to do. Why? Here are some reasons:
  • The ingrained belief (by both men and women) that men are leaders, women are not. Men are breadwinners and women are homemakers. Men are strong and women are weak.
  • Pressures (and obligations) to have children from spouse, family members or cultural/religious beliefs.
  • Expectations to be the child's caregiver 24/7
  • Childcare expenses should the mother choose to work
  • ...and the list goes on...

International Women's Day is here to challenge the world to gender equality by celebrating women's achievement, raising awarness against bias and taking action for equality.

This is a movement we can get behind.

As we've mentioned numerous times before, Bebitza is all about CHOICE.
We want to create a community where women are empowered by putting the choice back into their hands.

We are not fighting for all women to go to work, to be treated EXACTLY the same way as men. 
We are fighting to be treated as human beings first.
We want to fight against prejudices that we can't do work as well as men and therefore deserves less pay.
We want to let young women and girls know that they are powerful and that their voices matter.
We want all women to be able to do more of what they love.

In a privileged world, I believe that women can have it all.
I am blessed that in my life I know so many women, both personally and public figures, who have been both a mother and still be able to do whatever it is they want.
Jacinda Ardern is probably the most famous person right now from how she has handled the pandemic situation in New Zealand. She is the first & youngest female prime minister to have dealt with major terrorist attack, a deadly volcanic eruption, floods/landslides and a pandemic, all while holding a baby.
These women are testament to the strength we all have within us, if we would just believe in ourselves and in each other.

Remember: "She believed she could. So she did."

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