The Importance of Family

It’s National Families Week here in Australia so we thought it would be the perfect time to focus on the importance of family and the steps we can take to create and grow strong families; families that love, protect and care for one another and enjoy the union that they have together.

Family is important
Families are so very important.  They are a unity enjoyed by each family member and the place where morals and values are sewn into children.  They are designed as a safe place with support and security, love and understanding.  Families do experience very real challenges both from internal and external pressures, but it is important to stick together, communicating well, no matter how hard the situation may be.  The very definition of unconditional love is demonstrated in families when we do our best.
Bebitza blog post: Importance of Family
Using encouraging language
We can have so much joy from our family life but we do need to sew in love and time, to achieve the best of what family has to offer.  We need to love one another, lifting each other up with encouragement and gentleness in all things.  It is very easy to mock or focus on what each other are not achieving.  By focusing on positives, we have and our speaking out life for our family.  It may be as simple as getting into the habit of using encouraging words like: great job!, I’m very proud of you, you are really doing well, you are so good at …, what a beautiful attitude you have, well done.  This is with sincerity and appreciation for one another. 
Softness with each other
As a family, we love, protect, care, argue, hurt and make up with each other all the time. It is important that when we have differences and challenges between one another we are gentle with sharing how we feel. To be communicating in this way demonstrates respect and value of each person involved.  Young children look up to the elders around them (again, often family) to help shape and solidify their own personality. This demonstration of care and respect in communicating well and models to our children how to conduct themselves in society. 


Each one of us have different experiences with family.  Some of us hold overall good memories growing up and others have experienced challenges that leave sadness.  Despite whatever we have experienced we can take active steps to press into and grow in strength a loving wonderful family today that will bless our generations to come.


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