“I am an imposter.” – confessions from Bebitza’s director.

December is such a funny time of the year for me. A lot of reflecting occurs in this month. Where am I in my life, what have I done this year and what should I do next.

This year, I realised that it took me a while to totally own the title of “Director”. Growing up, I thought that title is only for those who know what they are doing and have a tonne of experience. My rational mind says “hey, everyone has to start somewhere. All directors have had their first-time-as-director position. Someone (Bree, thank you!) has obviously thought you are competent for this. So, this position is truly yours. Own it!” However, my irrational mind keeps telling me that I am too young, too inexperienced and too naïve to be a director. Obviously, I bit the bullet and went with my rational mind. But how did I get here?

The history of my time at Bebitza, so far…

FUN FACT: Bree, our founder, first hired me as a photographer!

At that time, I was working as a photographer (my business) and Bebitza had hired me to do their eCommerce photographs which you still see on some of our website listings today. I was also finishing up my 2nd degree in which I majored in Photomedia and Contemporary Fashion. The Bebitza team and I worked so well together.  It was an obvious match to Bree when she discovered I had this second major in contemporary fashion for the available role of Product Development Manager.  I believe my tasks in working with our factory (with fashion construction lingo) to make BeSwaddle come to life as well as perfecting other products moved Bebitza forward.

My new role was to be Product Development Manager… I loved it and grew in this space.  I was able to plan with Bree our production going forward and develop the items with great joy utilising my construction, fabric and sewing skills.  Getting to know my team well, working through the production process, I touched on some of the skills I had acquired from my first degree in Commerce with majors in Accounting and Marketing. One thing led to another and I was appointed to the position of Marketing Manager.

The Bebitza team was great!  Over time there was an opportunity for me to take up the Director role. I was taken back, me a Director…. Bree would move into a mentoring role.  “I am thrilled and feel so blessed to be working with someone so skilled, kind, dedicated and compassionate and I proud to welcome you Sita as a partner of Bebitza.” Having this time has allowed Bree to concentrate more on her family but also continue on with what she is passionate and skilled at.  We are a terrific fit and our roles in the business are perfect for one another!

Despite these wins, I reflect back onto the time I had been in a similar position. I was about to be hired by a large company straight out of university with “manager” embedded in the title. But at that time I was young and I crumbled at the sound of the title. I know, I know. It was not my finest hour. But I was barely 20 years old and had very little experience working in a corporate job. I kept thinking I needed to gain experience first before I deserved a position with such title. Later I learned, titles like manager and director don’t have to be so scary.

When Bree asked me to be the Director, I kept having flashbacks to this experience. I have been told many times since that I need to believe in myself more and that I am more capable and knowledgeable than I think. Also, no one really knows what they are doing 100%.

So, I bit the bullet and started working as Bebitza’s Director since 2018.

Since then, no real big disasters have occurred. Thanks to Bree’s mentorship also I was able to learn and grow so much from being in this position. The biggest learning point for me, which I kind of already knew but didn’t realise, is that it’s OK to be vulnerable and admit that you don’t know what you are doing. Because everyone is probably in the same boat. The world is changing so much that no one really knows what they are doing either!

The moral of the story…

Why did I share this blog post on a website targeted for mothers? It seems rather irrelevant.

Well, it’s for a few reasons:

  1. I want to remind everyone that whatever position you hold right now (including mother), own it. Even if you think you don’t know what you are doing, as long as you are willing to learn, you will be OK!
  2. I also want to remind everyone that no one really knows what they are doing. We are all in the same boat! Just do your best, and that is more than enough.
  3. You never know what life has in store for you – both good and bad. Accept it, own it, learn & grow from it.

I hope you can all learn something from this blog post.

If you are also like me and have been doing some reflecting lately, let me know what you discover in the comments below!



Sita Carolina


Sita, Director of Bebitza and Bree, founder of Bebitza photographed together. Sita is carrying a camera and Bree is carrying some of Bebitza's nursing covers. The two have big smiles and they make a great team!

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