How To Choose The Perfect Breastfeeding Cover

Origins of Breastfeeding Covers (or Nursing Covers)

There are a lot of evidence that in the past, breastfeeding was seen as normal and mothers were free to feed their babies in public. This includes posters, paintings and sculptures just to name a few. Yet public breastfeeding seems to be a massive argument these days. Many women are forced to keep breastfeeding at home or cover up when doing so in public.

Poster from 1930s with illustration of a mother nursing a baby and text: "Nurse the baby, your protection against trouble. Inform yourself through the health bureau publications and consult your doctor."

What changed?

According to Sara McCall, MPH, CHES, IBCLC on the Breastfeeding USA website, in the US, “society’s outlook on breastfeeding began to change as the modern feeding bottle and nipple were invented, and commercially-created infant formulas became more accepted in the early 20th century.”

However, there are also women today who choose to cover up. Not because they are forced to, but because they want to. Their reasons for wanting to cover up vary from just wanting privacy, a bit of extra warmth, confidence in their first stages of nursing in public, or even out of respect for being in certain spaces associated with different cultural beliefs. This is where Bebitza’s nursing covers fit in – we want our nursing covers to be there as a choice for mothers.

Styles of Breastfeeding Covers Available

There are many types of nursing covers out there and we do encourage you to think about which is best for your needs. As a guide, we can categorise them into 3 main styles of nursing covers: Apron, Infinity Scarf & Poncho.


Apron type nursing covers are those with an apron-like appearance. They cover mostly the front portion of the mother and baby while breastfeeding.
PROS: These are great for quick breastfeeding sessions.
CONS: They quite obviously look like a nursing cover and most nursing covers of this type are not very versatile (the use is limited to breastfeeding sessions).

Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf type nursing covers are, just as the name suggest, a piece of fabric sewn together to create a loop.
PROS: They are versatile – can be worn as an infinity scarf and some stretchy types can be put over newborn car seats as a sunshade.
CONS: The fit is limited to the size of the infinity scarf and most only carry one size. Larger women and petite women may find it to be ill-fitting and therefore uncomfortable when breastfeeding.


Poncho-type nursing covers looks like a poncho. When laid out flat, they often are a large rectangular or oval shape with a slit which creates the front opening. Bebitza’s nursing covers would fall under this poncho nursing cover category.
PROS: Poncho-type nursing covers are very forgiving with size and are very versatile depending on the size and style of the product.
CONS: As they use a bit more fabric and effort to put together, they are often the more premium of the bunch.

There are also mothers out there who just prefer to put a cloth (such as a baby wrap) to cover their chest area while feeding.

Now that you know more about some of the styles that are available, we need to also look at the materials that the nursing cover is made out of and match them with your needs.

How To Choose Your Perfect Breastfeeding Cover

The first thing you want to look at is the safety of the nursing cover. Bebitza’s nursing covers are tested annually for its formaldehyde content (none), pH balance (neutral) and colour fastness at the very least. They also need to be of breathable material and/or design as you are enveloping your baby in them.

Here are some more things for you to consider when choosing a breastfeeding cover:


It is very important to consider where you will have most of your breastfeeding sessions. You will then match this with the type of fabric that you need. For example, Bebitza’s modal nursing covers are very light and breathable. They are best for warmer temperatures. Whereas Bebitza’s textured knit nursing covers are a little thicker (but still breathable) and therefore great for cooler temperatures such as a cool spring or winter day and when you are in an air-conditioned room.

Pumping vs Nursing

You might think that there’s no difference between nursing covers used to pump and nurse. However, while you may be sitting still while pumping, nursing involves a live baby who may wriggle, kick and tug during your breastfeeding sessions. You need to consider the best style for this. Bebitza’s poncho-style nursing covers are great for both pumping and nursing!


What kind of clothes do you wear when you are out with your baby? Are you only concerned in covering your chest or would you like your stomach and lower back to be covered too? This analysis will determine what shape and style nursing cover you may need. If you are not concerned about your back, an apron style may suffice. However, if you are highly concerned about modesty, you may opt for the infinity scarf or poncho style such as Bebitza’s nursing covers.

Baby’s Preference

At the end of the day, you are nursing a live baby. You need to make sure that baby is comfortable to have a successful feeding session. Each baby is different, so consider what you think your baby may need. If you have twins or are nursing two babies at the same time, you should also consider the viability of twin feeding under your chosen nursing covers!
Twin feeding using Bebitza's Leopard Print Modal Nursing Cover


Being a new mum comes with many new things and more things to carry when you are out and about. From the nappies to burp cloths, wipes and their change of clothes (just to name a few) and now you are carrying a nursing cover too? It’s great to opt for a nursing cover that can do more than cover you while you breastfeed your baby.
Bebitza’s nursing covers can also be used as pram covers / sun shade, baby comforter, cardigan / poncho and our modal nursing covers are light enough to even be used as a scarf.

Why Bebitza’s Breastfeeding Covers are So Special

Bebitza’s particular idea and design of the nursing cover came about around 15 years ago when our founder, Bree, had her first child. In other words, we created it out of the need of a mother. We wanted it to be easy to use, versatile and, most of all, safe for both mother and baby.

Our nursing covers are the number one when it comes to modesty and versatility. They can be used for both pumping & nursing and they are offered in a variety in fabrics and colours to suit different temperatures and style preference.

Contact Us if you have any questions regarding how to choose the best nursing cover for your needs.


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