9 important questions about baby swaddles answered

Teal BeSwaddle worn by a smiling and happy baby

Why do we swaddle? When do we swaddle? How do we swaddle?

When we were developing the BeSwaddle, we did A LOT of research and dove into the who-what-when-where-why-s of swaddling. Along the way, we learned a thing or two about this. We needed to know the real purpose and mechanism of a good swaddle to make the perfect swaddle for you and your bub. We feel that it's one of those information passed down that we take for granted and rarely question why we even swaddle babies. So...

1. Why do we swaddle babies?

Swaddling increases your baby’s quality of life. It prevents accidents that may occur due to the baby’s involuntary movements in their first few months and the snug feeling calms and soothes them as it reminds them of the feeling of being in the womb.

2. Is there a time limit to swaddling?

Over-swaddling is a thing. While it’s true that a lot of babies sleep better when swaddled, you need to let your baby take a breather and let them move around which will help promote growth and strength in their limbs.

3. When should we stop swaddling our babies?

When the baby can roll over on their own is a great indicator of when you should stop swaddling your baby. See also: "How should we lay our babies once swaddled?"

4. What materials should we use?

Use appropriate material(s) for your baby and the temperature of the environment your baby is in. Overheating has been found to be directly related to SIDS. You definitely would want to check and make sure your baby is not soaking with sweat!

The bamboo fibres found in all of our swaddles are great temperature regulators for any climate. You may want to layer a blanket (safely!) on top for added warmth during very cold days.

5. How should we dress our babies for swaddling?

Overdressing the baby underneath a swaddle is not good and may lead to overheating. Dress for the current temperature of your baby’s environment and check for signs of overheating like sweating, etc.

The same goes for bedding on top of the swaddle. See: "How much bedding does baby need" article by Red Nose

Bird and Cloud BeSwaddle baby swaddle worn by twin girls

6. How should we lay our babies once swaddled?

ALWAYS put swaddled babies on their backs to decrease SIDS.
It’s much easier to breathe when they are on their backs, especially with the swaddled position! See: "Why back to sleep is the safest position for your baby" article by Red Nose

7. There are so many different types of constructed/modern swaddles in the market today including Bebitza’s BeSwaddle. How do we choose which swaddle to use?

Not all “swaddles” are proper swaddles. For this, you need to first understand the principles of swaddling. You need to choose the constructed/modern swaddle that ticks off everything we need in a proper swaddle + the right material for your baby’s needs.

8. If the constructed/modern swaddles meet the criteria of a proper swaddle, are they better than rectangular swaddles?

A lot of the constructed/modern swaddles (like our BeSwaddle) are created to make swaddling easy, safe and almost fool-proof. So in that sense, yes they are better than rectangular swaddles!

9. How does the BeSwaddle prevent Hip Dysplasia?

Swaddling a baby’s legs may harm baby’s hips and/or prevent it from growing in a healthy manner. By having our patented pyjama leg design, the swaddle allows the baby’s legs to be in positions that are natural to them and allow a healthy hip growth.


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