5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

Mother soothing a newborn baby boy wearing Bebitza's Antibacterial Bamboo baby wrap in Blue.

1. Startle Reflexes

Babies are born with involuntary startle reflexes. These are involuntary movements in their limbs before they learn to control them. As they are involuntary, babies are often startled by them. By swaddling their arms, big movements are limited and they are less likely to be startled!

2. Sense of Security

Swaddling can give babies the feeling of being in the womb. This feeling may give them a sense of security which means a calmer baby!

3. Reduce SIDS

Several studies suggested that swaddling your infant may reduce the risk of SIDS when they sleep on their back.

Be sure to follow safe swaddling practices and stop swaddling baby as soon as they are attempting to roll over.

4. Sleep Better

Because baby is less likely to startle themselves, they are more likely to sleep better and longer. Great for both bub and mum!

5. Temperature Regulation

A swaddle keeps baby cosy and warm until their body learns to regulate their temperature.

NOTE: be sure to choose a natural material to swaddle
your baby in. Bebitza’s swaddles and baby wraps
feature a Bamboo/Cotton blend which is perfect to help baby regulate their temperature!

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