All About Family Meetings

What is a family meeting?

Family meetings are a space where all members of the family come together to bond and grow their connection.  It is a space where everyone’s voices are heard, problems solved and misunderstandings cleared. Through better communication families enjoy the beautiful union they have together.

Why are family meetings a good idea?

The funny thing about families is that often we see each other a lot but we find it difficult to voice our opinions or ask questions because life is so busy.  There is also a lot of pressure on children to perform and parents keep up life’s pace.  We need to slow down and talk situations through, support children; being a friend to them so they don’t hide their inner feelings and are able to get their emotions out.  Family meetings are a great place to spend quality time with each other.  They are a platform to protect and care for each other and enable a deeper closeness. 

How often should we have a family meeting?

The short answer is: regularly. However, because every family is different, you may like to work out the best timing for everyone. Some families might find it beneficial to set a certain day and time of the week (e.g. Monday night after dinner) and have family meetings regularly at that time every week.

All about family meetings

How should we do a family meeting?

Again, every family is different and how to do a family meeting may vary family to family. To start with, you might like to set a default agenda. For example: at the start of every family meeting, each member of the family get given a time to speak one opinion they have about how they felt about a certain issue, what they would like changed or if they have a new idea they would like to propose. An idea might be to say “What I would like to express today is ...” at the start of everyone’s turn to remind everyone that it’s just what this particular member would like to express. They don’t want any judgement or questions unless they expressly asked. After this round, a member of the family can raise an issue that they would like to be solved. These issues can be as simple as where to put the new pot plant or as serious as need be. This is a good place to divide chores too.

The most important thing, aside from making sure everyone’s voices gets heard, is what comes after the family meeting. Opinions voiced within this meeting should stay in the meeting. However, all action that was decided during the meeting needs to be done. This is important to keep the family meetings a safe place while still resolving any issues that may arise in the family. Don’t forget to keep family meetings light-hearted and as fun as possible.

The Importance of Family

It’s National Families Week here in Australia so we thought it would be the perfect time to focus on the importance of family and the steps we can take to create and grow strong families; families that love, protect and care for one another and enjoy the union that they have together.

Family is important
Families are so very important.  They are a unity enjoyed by each family member and the place where morals and values are sewn into children.  They are designed as a safe place with support and security, love and understanding.  Families do experience very real challenges both from internal and external pressures, but it is important to stick together, communicating well, no matter how hard the situation may be.  The very definition of unconditional love is demonstrated in families when we do our best.
Bebitza blog post: Importance of Family
Using encouraging language
We can have so much joy from our family life but we do need to sew in love and time, to achieve the best of what family has to offer.  We need to love one another, lifting each other up with encouragement and gentleness in all things.  It is very easy to mock or focus on what each other are not achieving.  By focusing on positives, we have and our speaking out life for our family.  It may be as simple as getting into the habit of using encouraging words like: great job!, I’m very proud of you, you are really doing well, you are so good at …, what a beautiful attitude you have, well done.  This is with sincerity and appreciation for one another. 
Softness with each other
As a family, we love, protect, care, argue, hurt and make up with each other all the time. It is important that when we have differences and challenges between one another we are gentle with sharing how we feel. To be communicating in this way demonstrates respect and value of each person involved.  Young children look up to the elders around them (again, often family) to help shape and solidify their own personality. This demonstration of care and respect in communicating well and models to our children how to conduct themselves in society. 


Each one of us have different experiences with family.  Some of us hold overall good memories growing up and others have experienced challenges that leave sadness.  Despite whatever we have experienced we can take active steps to press into and grow in strength a loving wonderful family today that will bless our generations to come.


Why We Should Swaddle Infants

We’ve heard many reasons on why parents don’t swaddle their babies: “my baby pops out of the swaddles too easily”, “my baby cries when I swaddle them”, “my baby can’t self soothe with their hands in mouth”.  What we’ve noticed is that most concerns can be fixed with by figuring a way of swaddling that works for you and your baby. Here at Bebitza, we believe in swaddling our little ones. Let us share with you some of the reasons.

Improved Neuromuscular Development

Most newborns’ movements are involuntary. Swaddling somewhat stabilises their arm movements which may help the baby to organize their motor skills better. This may be helpful for premature babies.

Reduce SIDS

When done correctly (correct method and material used), swaddling your newborns will reduce the chance of a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When swaddled, the baby is less likely to be startled by their own sudden and involuntary movements. It is important to note that the correct material of swaddle is used (not too hot) and that the baby should be placed on their back to sleep.

Basis of Soothing

A good swaddle is the basis of soothing a baby. After the swaddle, you can add other additional methods of soothing such as rocking, humming or white noise.

Less Crying & Better Sleep

When your baby is swaddled, they are less likely to get startled by their own involuntary movements and in many cases feel like they are being hugged. This soothes them and in return there will be less crying from the baby. Additionally, baby may find it easier to fall asleep and have a longer sleeping cycle if you put your baby to sleep while swaddled.

So swaddling has many important benefits. However, please pay attention to a few things: lay your baby on their back (always, but especially when swaddled), leave enough room for your baby’s legs and hips to be free, ensure the correct material is used (do not let your baby overheat) and make sure your swaddle is as secure as possible. Usually, parents would swaddle their baby often from when their baby is a newborn to about 3 months old. Some parents may swaddle their baby even up to 6 or even 9 months. There is no right or wrong age to stop swaddling your baby. Pay attention to how your baby is responding to being swaddled and if they kick their swaddles off really fast (given the correct method is used) then maybe it’s time to stop swaddling.


Dear Mums, Welcome to Bebitza

Dear Mums,

Welcome to Bebitza. We are an Australian owned and operated company who innovate, develop and create simply beautiful and essential products which we believe will help you in your journey in being a mother. Our philosophy is Zest Motherhood and valuing time spent bonding and creating memories with your little ones and the rest of the family is priceless.

Currently, our product range includes our signature Nursing Covers, naturally Antibacterial Baby Wraps and Mittens and Icy/Hot Bags. We are excited to soon release more amazing products. Of course, all of these were innovated, developed and created to inspire you to enjoy your journey.

Here at Bebitza, we believe that motherhood is a blessing and therefore should be celebrated. We try our best to create a positive and simpler version of motherhood for you while ensuring that your little ones are safe, comfortable and happy. We value the innovation, functionality as well as the style of our products.

We hope that you have an amazing day and more importantly, a Zest Motherhood!


Bebitza Team


Bree: Bebitza's Founder


I’m a proud mum of three gorgeous children.  I love being a mum but I am certainly no stranger to the ups and downs of raising children.  Through my motherhood journey and with the birth of Bebitza  I have become aware of how quickly time passes and that each day is so precious. With this in mind, I aim to simplify the daily demands of motherhood so that more time can be spent enjoying, bonding and creating memories with my little ones.


Bebitza is an Australian owned and operated company that started in 2006 through the excitement to share an amazing breastfeeding concept; a shawl-inspired cover that is beautifully designed for complete privacy.  Having since pioneered the nursing cover category in Australia, we continue to bring this excitement and joy with us today, to share with mums around the world new products that simplify and celebrate the motherhood journey.


My mother in law came up with the name Bebitza. In Yugoslav ’Itza’ is an endearing adjective.  Adding the ‘Beb’  meaning baby to ‘itza’ it becomes a really sweet, loving way of referring to your precious little one. This name really connected with me and my vision for my business.


I see design as an opportunity to be creative and to meet needs that will make Motherhood both simpler and more enjoyable.  


 We are inspired by a desire to develop products that are innovative and functional, offering Mums the best option available on the market.

For example, our newly developed swaddle is a big improvement on the constructed swaddles that are currently on the market, most of which leave the baby tightly wrapped with little movement or in a bag that allows too much movement. It has separate legs that allow for greater hip movement while still keeping the arms nice a snug, giving baby that sense of security.  By adding legs, it reduces the risk of baby slipping into bag, lowering sids risk and giving parents greater peace of mind.

At Bebitza we love our products to be not only functional but also beautiful! So our fabrics are incredibly soft but durable.  And much attention is paid to detail to make our product that bit more special. 


 It’s Zest Motherhood.


We are very excited about our sleep bag and it is sure to become a new born necessity and for our Mums we have a beautiful Maternity bra and underwear that will soon be at market.